Discipline: The Key to Going From Scripter to Developer

From SysAdmin to Developer Hi. I’m Adam, and I’m a developer. I never thought I’d say that because, for the longest time, I’ve been a system administrator and was proud of it. As you probably know, sysadmins and developers have historically not gotten along. There’s always been this binary “you’re with us, or you’re with them” mentality. That is…until DevOps. […]

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Metrics Businesses Need to Know Before Adopting DevOps

DevOps, a combined agile approach to development and operations across the IT lifecycle, has revolutionized the software development and release processes at many organizations. At its core, DevOps’ primary goal is to provide a framework to allow development and operations teams to work better together for the benefit of the customer. With the right culture, teams, and tools, organizations can […]

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